Barbara Ravensdale

Let me introduce The Seventh Forest to you.

The Seventh Forest is a spiritual retreat which I envisioned. Bringing this inspired idea into the reality here, on planet Earth, became a vibrant adventure that was both a pleasure and a pain. It took me several years to build five wood and stone cottages, for the guests to stay in. There is also a sixth building which is the main hall, where we all meet for meals, Pilates, yoga classes and of course for multidimensional journeys.

When I saw the land for the first time, I got enchanted by its beauty and mystical atmosphere. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to create something special; a place which reminds you of your long forgotten childhood dreams, a scene straight out of the world of fairy tales. I wanted everything to be beautiful, natural and in harmony with the stunning nature which surrounds this place: picturesque hills, gentle fields and forests.

The cottages were made entirely of natural materials such as limestone from the nearby quarry, clay from the friendly neighbor and pine timber which grows in the area.

The Seventh Forest

The more I got involved with the creation of this place, the more ideas came pouring from my heart. I wanted this place to embrace every guest with the coziness and the archetypical charm that lies hidden in the long lost hope for heaven on Earth.

The beds are covered with patchwork bedspreads, which were all individually designed by me. In each room I looked out of the window, at the horizon and I took in all the colors. Then I tried to translate the way they made me feel into the design of the fabrics. And all of the cotton bed linen is trimmed with a hand-crocheted border. This is how much I fell in love with the place and the project.



My mum came up with the name. In Polish fairy tales this is how stories begin. In English you read: “Over the hills and far away” and the Polish equivalent is: “Over the seventh mountain and behind the seventh forest”.
I think it is a very appropriate name for a place which is far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and designed to offer you a well deserved rest, a healthy stay or a life changing spiritual journey.

Far away in a magic place... it is there that you will find your true self.

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