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My Mission on Earth Workshops

Do you sometimes feel lost when it comes to the purpose of your life? Do you keep asking yourself questions like: What is the sense of all my struggling? What is my destiny?
What is my most amazing talent?
What would give me the sweetest satisfaction that I long for?

Well, of course, I do not know the answer to these pulsating questions, but I can certainly help you make some sensible steps towards peace with yourself.

The Multidimensions are like the magical phrase ‘Open Sesame’, with which you’ll get access to the “TRUE YOU”.  You can enter inside yourself and look for clues.

We will visit the higher dimensions and look for your Multidimensional Guides. In the higher dimensions of Earth it will be your Animal Guide. In the Cosmic Realms you will meet your Luminous Teachers and Angels.

I am sure they will offer you support and help you to evolve your consciousness. They always do.

In the dimension of Eden, you will be able to heal your inner child. He or she will lead us to your darkness, which is blocking your progress.

We will gently stroke the heavy and darkened tissue and you will drink from the fiery energy of life and experience the Divine Light.
The Light will boost your energy level towards activity and exploration.

We will also try and find the civilization to which you belong! It is an incredible experience to meet the group of your closest friends in the Multidimensions.

They will show you your inclinations, talents, strengths and what your inner essence belongs to.
It might be a family of elves, or writing angels, or gardeners, communicators, artists, messengers, or teachers.

In any case, the moment of touching the hands of your professional multidimensional family will stay in your heart forever…

Our April workshop will be held in English.

The dates: 14th to the 20th of October 2017

Where: The Seventh Forest, Poland

Cost of the workshop: 500 E

Cost of the accommodation (double room) plus full board (three delicious vegetarian meals a day): 300 E

Info and reservation: Phone: +48 661 334 133

Nearest airports are: Warsaw and Lublin international airports

The transportation from the airport to the Seventh Forest can be arranged at your request and for additional payment.


So, please come and discover that what you were always longing for, is actually just around the corner of your expanded mind and heart.

See you in the Seventh Forest!

With Love and Light

Barbara Ravensdale


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