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Multidimensional Journeys - part 3


Multidimensional Transformation


Multidimensional travel is a luxurious planetarium, where through the use of our own quantum senses, we can view all energy blockages and we can witness the spectacle of darkness being transformed into Light. Upon entering the higher states of consciousness, all blockages, that separate us from an abundant life, are VISIBLE.
It may, for example, be a black gaping pit or a bottomless abyss.
The decision to climb down is a hard one, but if we want to remove the blockage, we have no other choice. Or you’ll see an endess desert. Or suddenly hooks are rammed in your shoulders and they are dragging you into an abysmal chasm. Or there is a long and cold concrete wall, looming. Or a grey fog, a black ocean, a pitch-black puddle, a stone geode, sharp daggers, or simply darkness. 

A few points worth mentioning:

1. Upon entering the Divine Light, delicate vibrations can be felt throughout the body. This is normal since the Light transforms your personal frequency of energetic vibration.

2. After travelling through the higher states of consciousness, the traveller may experience a passing sense of distraction, for this reason driving a car immediately after the sessions is not recommended.

3. Multidimensional journeys support the development of awareness, it is not a substitute for medical treatment.

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When you finally face your energetic blockages… don’t fulminate, don’t curse, don’t blame your life failures on it. Do something completely opposite: open your heart and pour your love out over the blockage. It is precisely unconditional love and acceptance, which makes the matrix shift from darkness into Light, thus regaining health.

Attracted by the spell of love and tenderness, flowing from the heart, Cosmic Viriditas will manifest before our own eyes. Its dazzling shine will pierce the quantum vastness and will irradiate the diseased tissue with a mighty beam of invigorating Light.

And then, workshop participants burst in tears, strong irradiation causes tears of joy. A multidimensional catharsis occurs, a quantum purification, a transformation of a blockage into Light.

Thus, the greatest dream of every soul is fulfilled: the suffering it experienced bears fruit. The dark spots on the matrix metamorphose into Light. The soul’s vibration go to a higher level and the soul itself makes another step forwards on the way to the Light.

These are all representations of the spiritual scars from wounds we have sustained while fighting battles the hard reality on Earth. Yet, at the same time they are a chance and potential for spiritual growth.  The darkness is frequently the ashes and ruins of our childhood. As grown-up, stronger and more aware people, we will be able to dress our wounds and recover from our childhood devastations.

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