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While the heart is still vibrating high with love, it will lead us on into another dimension; the World of Fairytales. This world is a lot more complex and diversified dimension than the two lower realms. It embraces forests, villages, towns, palaces, cities from One Thousand and One Nights, mountain grottoes, beaches, and even underwater regionswhich are full of sirens and other intelligent beings. It is just not possible to be bored, here. Every step brings further delights. The Ohs and ahs never stop, during the time you spend in this realm. 

The next dimensions and the last earthly station, before you enter the cosmic worlds; the Blue Sky Belt. It is spread over the landscape of the Fairytale Land and it stretches to merge with the star-dotted vastness of deep blueabove it. It might seem the least exciting part of the Multidimensions, because there is nothing but the blue sky and clouds, nonetheless, it is extremely important.

We are close to the portal which will transport travelers into the Cosmic Rings characterized by high vibrations. If the traveler’s heart is not sufficiently open and their internal vibration is not high enough, the gate to the World of Souls will remain closed. 


The earthly dimensions differ from the Cosmic ones in the height of vibrations, but also in the way we perceive ourselves and other beings. In the earthly realms we have a body, hair and colorful clothes. Upon entering the Cosmos, we become beings of Light.  And what is ahead of us, is a journey to the nine Cosmic Rings and encounters with Light Beings; the residents of these rings.

Multidimensional travel is more than just tortuous labor on transforming the darkness, opening the heart, and  generating love. Individual dimensions provide opportunities of fantastic sensations and experiences.

The Garden dimension teach us responsibility for our own existence and talents. In the garden, it is plainly visible that flowers grow and bloom only if we nourish the world with energy instead of feeding from it. It teaches us ‘giving’.

In the World of Fairytales we can dance with elves or mount a unicorn. We feel its silky mane under our fingertips, the multidimensional wind unravels our hair and we can really feel all this perfectly well thanks to our Light Senses.
It is the dimension which open within us a space for joy, fun, laughter, friendship, and enormous multidimensional potential.

In turn, the Cosmic Rings are a festival of encounters with angels, in each next ring we are greeted by our new guides, full of Light and emanating ever increasing love. The Divine Light works through all the dimensions.

If you are interested in multidimensional travel, I would like to encourage you to read a fragment of my book entitled Multidimensional Therapy in the Books tab. You will find descriptions of several journeys into Multidimensions there.

Multidimensional Journeys - part 2


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