Barbara Ravensdale

Ever since I received this tremendous gift, I have been able to travel into the multidimensions and explore its cosmic layers. I am deeply moved by this, but the thing that makes this gift even more extraordinary, is that I can take other people along with me. By creating a portal from this world to the multidimensional world, I can give others access and together we can make the most amazing and life changing journeys.
We will go into the higher levels of your own consciousness. You will wander into the depths of your own self where you can explore the fascinating, multi-dimensional higher worlds.
Each journey starts in full consciousness, without support of any chemical or herbal agents,  without separation from the physical body and without hypnosis. What we use instead, is highly focused mindfulness. We work on opening the heart. When you make contact with the love and tenderness inside your heart, you will raise your vibrations and this makes it possible to ascend to even higher regions. Love is the fuel of multidimensional travel.

Our spiritual intelligence is equipped with quantum senses, which work parallel to our physical senses. You must have heard about reports of clinical death survivors. They say that while they were suspended several meters above the ground, they could see their motionless body on a surgical table or near their car which was destroyed in a crash. This is the quantum eyesight that allows us to see the earthly reality even while our eyes are physically closed and disconnected from activity.

It is worth starting each entry into the Multidimensions with work on a conscious intention. What would I like to change in my life? For what treasure am I going to look there?
This is because the higher dimensions present a unique opportunity to heal energy by making contact with Viriditas – the Divine Light. In the Multidimensions, EVERY trauma, every energetic blockage may be located, healed, and reset. A successful transformation depends on the openness of your heart and the dose of love we you capable of generating.

The structure of Multidimensions reminds me of a layer cake. Layer upon layer, and every next layer vibrates on a higher level.

The lowest dimension is called the Underworld. Travelers describe it as a very unpleasant basement. Dreary, derelict, exuding cold. Or it is a huge and threatening gaping hole. A crater with steep walls and a bottom shrouded in darkness, gripping with cold fear. Sometimes the Underworld is a crater of a volcano, which is filled with bubbling, black lava, seething with scorching tar and veiled in vapors from an acrid haze.

It is an extremely valuable and useful dimension, as this infernal darkness and these heavy energies are a record of all of the most difficult moments of our life. It is the junkyard of our traumas, injuries, fears and phobias, yet simultaneously it is a launchpad for transformation. Every soul craves Light. Darkness holds the potential to bring Light, because only when we are faced with darkness, are we able to show love and acceptance. Our love transforms the darkness and that is how it becomes lighter. And then, when we start generating high vibrations, a dazzling beam of Divine Light is summoned. We are witnesses to divine resonance. Love attracts Love.

A traveler who will face all the horrors of the Underworld with an open heart, will reap a big reward: a portal to a higher dimension of Paradise will open. This Paradise is exactly how you would imagine it: stunningly beautiful! There is phenomenal vegetation which is covered in blossom, unknown in our dimension.

Flowers are unfolding towards you and pulsating with color, and growing more beautiful right in front of our eyes. There are surging and plunging waterfalls, emerald meadows, orchards covered in blossom, and bushes bearing ripening fruit.

You will be enveloped in lovely aromas, you will feel the sun’s warmth and smell the perfect air of a magnificent summer afternoon. Thanks to the eyes of our soul we can see the higher worlds of our galaxy in Technicolor!


Multidimensional Journeys

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