Barbara Ravensdale

“One wish for a Golden Fish”

Do you know “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish”?

It is a Russian tale, written by Alexander Pushkin. It is about a fisherman who one day catches a magical fish… It is golden, it can speak, and it promises the fisherman to fulfill his three most desired wishes in exchange for its freedom. This is an opportunity for the fisherman to get ANYTHING he wants…

WHAT WOULD YOU WISH FOR, if you had a chance to meet a Golden Fish?


This is how I often begin  this workshop:

“Imagine a Golden Fish in a bowl  on our table, right there, in front of you. This fish has just offered you one wish. Not three. Just one. It can be anything. That which you hunger for the most. Beyond reason!
What would that be?
What would you ask for?
What is your deepest longing?
What would you ask from an almighty Golden Fish?”

And this is how we begin. With your wish.

The Golden Fish Workshops

This wish will lead us to your energetic matrix and by gently following your desire, we will discover the darkened tissue of your blockage.

It will show us your pattern. We will discuss where it derives from and we will surf the Multidimensions to solve it for once and for all.

So this workshop means we will be working with your consciousness on a 3D level, but we will also be travelling through the higher states of your consciousness. You will also go through a quantum transformation as we will try to attract the Divine Light to heal your blockage.

This workshop is not only fun, it is also a life changing journey!
There is nothing like meeting your Higher Self in the Multidimensions and discover that what you really wish for is actually within your power!

The Golden Fish is actually you.
The only question is: do you want to wake up to your full potential.

Our April workshop will be held in English.

The dates are: 21st to the 26th of April 2017.

Where: The Seventh Forest, Poland

Cost of the workshop: 500 E

Cost of the accommodation (double room) plus full board (three delicious vegetarian meals a day): 300 E

Info and reservation: Phone: +48 661 334 133

Nearest airports are: Warsaw and Lublin international airports

The transportation from the airport to the Seventh Forest can be arranged at your request and for additional payment.


So, please come and discover that what you were always longing for, is actually just around the corner of your expanded mind and heart.

See you in the Seventh Forest!

With Love and Light

Barbara Ravensdale


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