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Appointments part 2

Multidimensional coaching:


Multidimensional Coaching is a goal-orientated set of sessions. Your goal can be from any life area: self esteem, self-love, health, abundance, work, relationships, love, career.

Multidimensional coaching is a mix of work in the Multidimensions and on the 3D level. It is usually one session per week for the duration of three months.

Investment: 100 E per one hour session.


The transformation and healing of the Energetic Matrix

This is a very intense, goal-oriented package of transformation, that is compacted to one week work, up to four hours a day. Your goal can be from all life areas: self esteem, self-love, abundance, health, work, relationships, love, career.

Within this week:

  • You will be come conscious of your blockages.

  • We will descend to the Underworld where we will engage in work with the darkness which is lowering your vibration and obscuring your DNA strands. You will transform your blockages and damaged energetic tissue into Light. 

  • You will step into the pillars of Divine Light and the chambers of Divine Light. 

  • If necessary, we will ask the Light Beings from the other galaxies who work with the Healing Light, to come and assist you with the healing of your Energetic Matrix.

I will navigate you through all the necessary dimensions, but it will be you, who will see your Guarding Angel, the Divine Light and the Transformers from the other galaxies.

Investment: 100 E per one hour. We will work up to four hours every day.

The Multidimensional  Transformation is very tiring work. The encounter with the Divine Light exhausts the physical body. After every session a nap is recommended and driving is discouraged.




Group workshops:

During all workshops I will navigate you through the higher dimensions, but it is you, who will see all the breathtaking multidimensional wonders: wonderful landscapes, elves, unicorns, inner cosmic planes, Angels and the Divine Light.

The workshop are either :

  1. Meetings dedicated to a specific subject e.g. “Self Love”, “The Healing of the inner child”, “Your mission on Earth” and these workshops are listed by titles, price and time details in the “Workshops” tab under the main menu. Or: 

  2. Meetings dedicated to the beautiful, higher planes of our galaxy and the evolution of your consciousness. This is a set of workshops called “Multidimensions”.  These workshops have four levels:




Multidimensions Level 1: “Introduction to Multidimensions”.

Timespan: Four days, circa 12 hours of workshop (nobody can handle more hours of multidimensional vibrations at once).

Location: The Seventh Forest:

During this workshop you will learn:

  • The basics of the soul-body fusion.

  • The structure and dynamics of the Multidimensions.

  • The shift of the awareness from the head to the heart area.

  • The sharp focus of awareness.

  • Entering of the multidimensional portal.

  • How to raise your personal vibrations.

Investment: 650 E

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