Barbara Ravensdale

The method of work, which I have developed upon my gift and years of working with my clients, I call "Multidimensional Journeys". 

I sometimes also call it "Multidimensional Technology".

This method is one of the most powerful and effective tools of personal growth on Earth. It alignes the awareness of both the body and the soul.​

I invite you to expand your consciousness with Multidimensional Journeys during individual sessions and group workshops.

Contact with the higher realms will be quite tiring for both of us, you and me. This is because, when you enter the upper dimensions, you will switch to your quantum senses. You will consciously start using the senses of your Light Body. You will have a multi-colour view of Paradise and the Cosmic Heaven. You will be able to touch the things and creatures which inhabit the parallel worlds, you will hear angels speak and sing, you will experience paradisical wind and water.

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But… these upper dimensions of our galaxy vibrate much higher than our physical world on planet Earth and much higher than our physical bodies. That means you will get tired after a while. Your physical body will need to assimilate the fact that very strong energies are flowing through you, that Cosmic Power, the Divine Light is entering your DNA.

The phenomenon of actually travelling through the spiritual world, makes multidimensional therapy so very effective, but at the same it is very tiring for everyone, me included. That is why during the workshops we are working three hours in the morning and about one hour in the evening. And that is A LOT. Nobody can handle more. We are going through an otherworldly ride and transformation!

Individual sessions:

There is a waiting list for all types of individual sessions. Please, send me an email with your choice of session and you will receive an answer from me within a week with the time-options.  

Multidimensional Journeys:

Individual sessions: in person in Warsaw/Poland, or via Skype or telephone. The costs of long-distance calls are not included.

Investment: 120 E per 1 hour

Ascending and surfing through the higher realms of your consciousness is a process. Each person has his or her own pace and each ascension-progress is different. For some people seeing the landscapes of the Land of Fairy Tales takes one day, for another it may take several sessions. But no matter how much time it will take you, the good news is that the whole process is fun and it will immediately brighten the colours of your life. From the first session onwards, we will be gradually open your heart and raise  your vibrations. Dates are arranged individually.

Within the required time:

  • We will discuss the fusion of the physical and Light Body.

  • We will shift your attention from the head to the heart (the process is  accompanied by a fantastic sense of peace and self-intimacy).

  • We will work on opening the heart and generating love and gratitude. 

  • We will gradually begin to venture into the higher realms.


I will navigate you and you will visit the dimension of the Garden, then you will go to the Fairytale dimensions, where you will be vibrating with joy, playing with elves, riding unicorns, and visiting cities and palaces in the higher realms.

After doing some further work on opening your heart and emanating tenderness and kindness, we will soar into the Cosmic Dimensions, where you will converse with your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides.

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