Barbara Ravensdale

Academy of Multidimensions


The Academy of Multidimensions hosts a number of projects dedicated to the most sought after topics:


  1. The Multidimensional Journeys: 
    Surfing through the higher dimensions of your consciousness, you are literally entering the inner world of your eternal existence. This is a life-transforming event and a chance to heal any blockage that makes you feel stuck.
    For more information about these workshops click the “Multidimensional Journeys” tab in the menu above.

  2. The School of Abundance:
    Teaches you about healing the darkness in your energetic matrix, in order to boost the dynamics of abundance in those areas of your life which need improving. For instance: love, health, relationships, career and financial success. 
    Please check more information on

  3. The Art of raising your Vibrations:
    We will look at the various ways of how to raise your personal energetic frequency, which always results in feeling more alive.


  4. The Self-Love Academy:
    Learn to give love to your inner child, in order to start feeling great afterwards.


  5. Joy Intelligence:
    How to understand the law of happiness and the path to spiritual growth.


So, please join me on the multidimensional quest for the happiness and find out more about the project which speaksto you most. Find out how the awareness of your Higher Self can positively transform your life.


See you in the Multidimensions!

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