On the 24th of June 2013, an unusual and unique gift awoke within me. I was in the Seventh Forest, which is my fasting retreat and workshop center in South East Poland.
The morning was sunny and beautiful. I was sitting in the main hall, getting ready to address the next guest with another ‘Good Morning’, when IT ALL STARTED.

This next guest was one of the workshop participants. She was a thin, grey lady radiating enormous tension. After the customary exchange of greetings, she sat at a table in the café and opened her laptop. After a moment, she looked at me angrily and asked in a resentful voice:

"Why do you greet me so ... perfunctorily? Won’t you even ask me how I slept? Why aren’t you interested in how I feel at all?"

There are a number perfect diplomatic evasion techniques allowing every hotel manager to smoothly handle such situations, but the words that rolled from my lips came as an utter surprise to me:


"I don’t have to ask you anything. I am a medium, so I already know how you feel."

Barbara Ravensdale

And then everything happened all at once. I was uttering words which my brain had not anticipated; I heard myself uttering total nonsense. One part of me felt paralyzed, the other was wildly scared, and yet another part sat down opposite the Grey Lady and calmly finished my sentence for me: 

"... and I think I can help you."

The June sun was still shining through the porch windows; the leaves of the huge oak tree were green as usual. Everything had an apparent sense of normalcy, but for me the world seemed to have stopped for an instant and seemed frozen solid. I had just offered to help a perfect stranger, while being totally clueless. This certainly was no dream, but it did not feel like being awake, either.
‘Really? Would you really be able to help me?’ her worn face brightened with hope.
‘Yes,’ announced that part of me which had nothing to do with my hitherto known self. 

‘Definitively! Let’s meet upstairs in ten minutes, in the massage parlor. We’ll see what can be done.’

When I entered the massage parlor about ten minutes later, nothing had changed. I still had no clue what was happening, yet at the same time I knew everything, I was certain of everything, it was all crystal clear. What to say, what to do. I was running on some internal software, perfectly mastered and perfectly well- known to a part of me which was foreign. 
Then, with surgical precision, I started ushering the Grey Lady into a journey through her inner landscapes. I did not know where we were going, nor did I know the result or purpose of it all. 


Following my instructions, the Grey Lady focused her attention on her breath, then moved her awareness into the area of her heart. We both treaded over unearthly landscapes, the Grey Lady in Technicolor and I in some inconceivable mental synchronicity. I was totally in tune to the kaleidoscope of her visions, to the fluctuation of her energy, to all the information, impressions, and emotions. 
All this was accompanied by one obvious dynamic and one law: the law of Love. Everywhere, at all times, taking each step: 
each stone had to be stroked, each darkness loved, each horror embraced. Under the touch of love, everything transformed, softened, brightened, ceased to terrify and hurt. After two hours of work the Grey Lady curled up into a ball and crying whispered: 

"I feel at peace with myself, for the first time, ever."

I do not know WHAT exactly provoked this serious mystical incident which I experienced that day. Not a single day passes without me thinking about it, if only for a fleeting moment. Yet, I try not to dwell upon it for too long, since it seems to me that there is a more important question than mere why, namely – what can I do with it?

After a few years working with my clients I developed my own therapeutic method that I named “Multidimensional Technology”and I can safely say that it is one of the most effective methods of transformation on the planet. I have helped heal countless people. 
Thanks to this mystical gift I can introduce others to the higher states of their consciousness and I can help them navigate t
hrough the process of transformation of their energetic matrixes from darkness into light. 

You can read a more in-depth description of my work and its results on the ‘Multidimensional Journeys’ page of this website (see menu above). 

On a more ‘earthy’ level; I am a Master of Arts in Semantics, a mother of two, an amateur cellist and I own a little black Pug. I am involved in many Light-orientated projects: I teach, I give workshops, I hold private sessions, I run a holistic retreat called “The Seventh Forest” and I write books. 

I have studied the spirituality of Saint Hildegard of Bingen and I have obtained a certificate in of the Internationale Gesellschaft Hildegard von Bingen, Germany. Saint Hildegard is an iconic figure of multidimensional consciousness. She is my guiding light and my inspiration. 

The purpose and joy of my life is to spread awareness of the fusion between body and soul, the healing power of Light and Love. If you are interested in your incredible, multidimensional potential, join me on this heavenly
journey and discover your Higher Self! 

Love and Light!
Barbara Ravensdale 

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