Barbara Ravensdale


My name is Barbara Ravensdale.

I am a multidimensional healer and a spiritual life-coach, who has been blessed with the mystical gift of navigating you through the higher dimensions of your consciousness.
I invite you to go with me on a life transforming journey, which can help you heal all aspects of your life.

I call this transformational travel: Multidimensional Journeys.

These journeys are one of the most powerful tools of change and transformation on planet Earth! They raise the frequency of your personal vibration and transform your life so much for the better!

Multidimensional Journeys can help you: 

  • Find out what is stopping you from living to your full potential and help you reach it.

  • Heal the blockages in your energetic matrix and open you up to abundance. I mean the REAL abundance, where money and happiness align.

  • Heal weaknesses of your body and improve your health.

  • Teach you happiness and self-love.

  • Heal your childhood traumas.

  • Find harmony in your relationships.

  • Heal depression and sadness that cloud your well-being.

  • Get unstuck from whatever keeps you frozen.

  • Discover your mission on Earth and let you reach your life-goals.

  • Find the love of your life and be able to handle it.

  • Discover how talented and amazing you really are and make you feel how much the whole universe loves you.

  • Align yourself with your deepest essence: your soul.

Multidimensional Journeys are an incredible way to switch to the perspective of your soul.
You will be able to:


  • Evolve your consciousness.

  • Discover that you REALLY are not just a physical person, but also a magnificent, spiritual being, who belongs to a universal community of Love.

  • Contact your spiritual guides, who you can see and with whom you can communicate.

I open a multidimensional portal through which you can enter the inner world of your soul, but it is you who does the travelling and you yourself will be visiting the higher planes.
You see everything with the eyes of your Light Body.  You will be able to experience everything with your spiritual senses and you will be able to converse with the Light Beings that inhabit the world of Multidimensions.

I invite you for individual sessions, group sessions and group workshops.

I am based in Poland. The individual sessions are in Warsaw or we can meet via Skype or over the phone.
Group workshops are held in my spiritual retreat, “The Seventh Forest”, which I have build in a beautiful and serene part of South Eastern Poland. 

So, come and evolve to a happy life!

With Love and Light,

Barbara Ravensdale

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